DIY Empowerment- Clay
Soul Key

Written by Kim Harris

Finding one’s personal empowerment through healing sounds about as fun as looking for a carpark on Christmas Eve…

Soulfusion Therapies is different, making the process dynamic, energetic, and sometimes a little bit fun!

Trawling through the stinky stuff of your life can be challenging to traverse. I would not have known where to start or made the time or commitment to see what I was really feeling. Having support and guidance made the process of navigating change and difficult emotions feel safer.

Sophia helps you see and feel the pain, disappointment, grief, loss, and heartache. At first it felt like the opposite of empowerment. My personality tires of repetitive experiences, but sessions never felt boring. I always have a quirky story to take back to the family after seeing Sophia.

The journey with Sophia is personalised; the body decides the tools Sophia uses to assist in healing, and every person responds in their own way.

Connecting with my intuition, releasing self-sabotage made way for acceptance. The acceptance felt uncomfortable at first, slowly a softening happened.

A warm glow, giving myself some credit, cutting some slack – feeling optimistic, knowing It’s going to be okay.

A-ha light bulb moments guided the way!

Sophia describes the process as serious but emphasises that it can also be fun! You can feel Sophia’s playful energy, helping to cut the tension and allowing cheerful qualities of my personality to appear in sessions.

When I first made an appointment at Soulfusion Therapies I needed help navigating change. I was very sceptical and booked a massage with Sophia for our first session. I wanted to gauge if she was ‘the real deal’ before committing to the kinesiology WOO WOO healing modalities on offer. That was six months ago!

My biggest learnings were focused around supporting myself, to be strong enough to weather the storms. Learning the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono way of accountability and forgiveness in relationships.

That joy is DIY!

Sophia was never soft on me, nor hard. She knows how to apply the right pressure to crack open the parts of your soul that you need to see – then heal.

Sophia might stroke your arm with a kind ‘there, there’ giving you just enough encouragement to wipe a tear – then look at you with her fierce sparkly eyes, make a joke, then instruct you to get ready to slay your next gremlin.

Sophia & I made a key, you can too. DIY

Journal or Art book / Pencil / Air Drying Clay / Wire and wire cutters
Any random pieces of collage that catch your eye to possibly add or use for patterns.
One slow piece of music and one fast piece of music.


Place your hands over your heart and take three deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth. Connect in with your heart, feel it’s warm, safety and embrace.

Whilst in this space bring to mind a time that you achieved something significant and chose to not stop and celebrate your success, or achievement.

Spend one minute writing your story down; what happened, who was in the story, your age, your experience of it. Just let the story flow out.

Now reconnect with your heart and notice where this story sits in your body blocking you celebrating your awesomeness.

Putting on your slow track and move that story around your body – feel into it, notice its colour, if it is dark, hidden, what are its qualities? During this slow music ask your block what it needs to dissolve. Just allow what comes to mind to flow unattached to the messages.

Connect with your heart space again and gift that blockage the gift that it needs. In your imagination place the gift into that place in your body so that it integrates and heals and dissolves.

Now, put on your fast track and shake the new energy into every cell in your body. Shake out and into the space your time of celebration. As you move and dance, you can feel proud of all you have succeeded in. Pull that energy into your body, up through the top of your head, up through your feet allow your light to shine bright.

It is time to create your Soul key. This represents your journey here and now and as a reminder to embrace all that you do from the small daily achievements to the bigger goal orientated ones.

Using the clay, or any other material that resonates for you, create a key that reflects anything and everything that you saw or felt as you used your dissolving powers. Maybe an animal came to mind, or a colour or word – you can jot these down to help you remember.

Finally have a chat with your completed key.

What permission do you now give yourself and what will that look like?

How will you celebrate your future successes?

Give yourself permission to unlock your authority. Your authority to celebrate yourself. How would you re-write the story that you started this process with?

Finish up by placing your key on the healed part that had the block and just breathe and connect in with each other as you celebrate the work you have both just done.