Inspiring creativity through dance and design

Written by Shaun Ryan

What started off as dance classes with her mum, sisters and best friend has evolved over the years to become a central part of Marta Hackett’s life.

Marta started bellydancing in Maryborough at the age of 7 and is now one of Australia’s premier performers.

She continued her training in Europe, has managed some of the Australia’s best dancers, worked across the country and now even runs her own academy on the Fraser Coast.

Hard work, dedication and a real appreciation for the artform are the secrets of her success.

“Anyone can do bellydancing and appreciate the artform and enjoy it,” Marta said.

“It allows you to learn some of the elements of the Middle East and apply them to your own life. It’s great for women and, in my opinion, is a sacred feminine space.”

Marta believes the benefits of bellydancing extend beyond fitness and encourages women to learn more about themselves.

“It’s a creative space where we are able to learn about our bodies, it’s a great way to begin dancing and is low impact.

She also described the artform as having “rehabilitative” properties following pregnancy.
“Women who join bellydancing classes are often likeminded and friendships blossom easily.”

The creativity of the artform blends effortlessly into Marta’s other passion – graphic design.

In addition to her dancing, Marta owns and operates Solutionist Branding.

“Being a graphic designer and brand specialist allows me build up other businesses and help them reach their full potential and identified target market,” Marta explained.

“I love supporting all businesses, but I really enjoy empowering women through my graphic design skills.”

Marta said starting a new business is always scary, but seeing clients succeed is her ultimate reward.

“Being a creative – whether it’s through bellydancing or graphic design – allows me to collaborate with other people.

“My bellydancing has influenced my own life philosophy and graphic design is a big part of who I am, so the two are definitely intertwined.”

Marta recently created her own podcast ‘Sol Struck’ where she wants to create a space influenced by both of her passions to inspire, support and connect listeners.

You can find out more about Marta’s belly dance classes and events by checking out You can also follow her on Facebook (@martabellydance) and Instagram (@marta_bellydance).

Marta’s graphic design and marketing portfolio can be found at
Her socials are @solutionistbranding on Facebook and @the_solutionist on Instagram.