Everybody wants to be Raven

Written by Leanne Esposito

If sharing is caring then Raven Wolf has a heart big enough for all of Hervey Bay. This not yet thirty something enigma could well be the most misunderstood woman on the planet.

Almost, but not quite completely covered in the most amazing body art, she wears her inner expression outwardly. Raven is a complete paradox. The luminosity of her massive green eyes are striking. Her generous smile captivating. Somehow the combination asks the observer ‘can you see me – the real me?’ Once you focus, and she has you, you’re gone. The world of Raven is kaleidoscopic. She’s refracted every colour of the rainbow and light prism imaginable. Despite chameleon abilities she knows exactly who is Raven today. She’s a reinvented human whose identity is just the way she likes it.

Raven is also an open book. She wants you to read her pages and the cover’s already a great story.

Honest and frank to the point of being cutting, a razor sharp tongue and quick wit, this girl’s got the lot. If you hear her out you’ll be endlessly entertained. From young skater girl to tearaway teenager her life’s experiences speak volumes. She is a musician, writer, and gifted artist – some of her tattoos are self drawn.

From bartender to business owner and everything in between. She’s done it all. She has a masters degree from the school of life. Now that she’s settled to managing a business for a major corporation she has the luxury of time to devote herself to the next generation of skaters.

Perhaps it’s a case of Raven living vicariously through youth. Who knows? Does it really matter. She’s opened up her Skate School and the kids are responding.

While skateboarding is now accepted as a mainstream sport, debuting at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, this wasn’t always the case. Not in her day. It was a sub-culture pursuit. Skate parks were thought of as the seedy underworld of children’s sport. Mainstream sports are where mum and dad volunteer, coach and bring oranges to games. Skate bowls with their flatland, pyramids and double box jumps are worlds away from the wholesome imagine of a soccer field.

Since Raven and this next generation are enjoying an unprecedented freedom of expression, let’s see what they’re all about.

The mixed-age group revere Raven and her skills. There is childlike recognition. To the skating kids she’s their idol. Kids are totally accepting. They don’t see differences. Everybody wants to be Raven. It’s not only because of her unique fashion style or the amazing tattoos which cover her pelt. She’s just awesome with a skateboarding experience and knowledge almost as old as herself. I dug a little deeper to see what my questions could reveal.

When did you get your first skateboard? When I was about 6 years old, my sister gave my her skateboard, once I stood on it I knew I wanted to learn how to shred the concrete waves.

Who taught you to ride? Mostly self taught, but my friends from the skatepark taught me a lot. They were very patient and helpful with me. The skate community back then was huge and supportive.

When you were younger what was it about skateboarding that you loved? I loved the freedom I felt on the board, the excitement of learning new tricks and being able to stay active and focused. Skateboarding makes me feel alive and confident.

Tell me some terms, some of the names for the tricks? What is the normal progression? My favourite tricks in skateboarding are the Ollie, kickflip, rock and rolls, air outs and the melon grab.

When you’re first starting out the Ollie is usually the first trick you will learn and dropping in the quarter pipes . And boy is it a good feeling when you finally nail it. Taking it step by step is the key to mastering the board.

Have you taught skateboarding before? I have taught skateboarding once before when I lived in the Gold Coast. The skateboard community down there is thriving, so many people want to learn and give it a go.

This is voluntary so why do you teach? I teach skateboarding because it’s my passion. I wanted to get kids of all ages and even adults on the board to experience the same thrill I have. It is so rewarding to pass on knowledge to the next generation of skateboarding. I wanted to rebuild the skateboard community here in the Fraser Coast.

Is this for enjoyment or are their any competitions the kids can enter when they reach a certain level? It is for both! I am hoping to be able to host skate competitions where they will be able to show off their skill and win some prizes! Any student who completes my beginners level will receive an award. Something to look forward to.

How many are turning up for lessons? We are looking at about from 15-20 students at the moment! It’s been a great turnout.

How are they going? They’re doing amazing! One of my prodigy’s has learnt how to skate the big Ramps, Ollie and grinding the rails.

Some people have negative thoughts about skaters and skate parks – what would you say to them? I’d say to them not to judge a book by its cover. I know a lot of skateboarders who have respectful jobs and are amazing people with a heart of gold. Skateboarders are great people.

Your skateboard goal? My dream was to be able to go to the Xgames for skating. But unfortunately I gave up on that dream a long time ago. But it think it’s about time I get back into it and practice everyday!