Lizzie Learns to…
Own a Real Estate Agency

Written by Lizzie Macaulay

Full disclosure.

I’ve known my latest Lizzie Learns ‘victim’ for a little while now.

I’ve written about her. Talked with her at length about her business and her vision for its future.

But stepping behind the curtain for a first-hand experience of what she does each day was something completely different.

Knowing that this month’s edition was focused on the entrepreneurial spirit, I couldn’t look past Kristy Wright from One Agency Fraser Coast for an insider’s perspective on running a business.

With buying, selling and renting homes being one of the busiest industries in the Wide Bay, I was curious about what it would be like to actually work in the space.

Being the dutiful preparer for things that I am, I’d even taken in an episode or two of ‘Selling Sunset’ to try and get a feel for what I’d be in for. (And realistically, ‘an episode or two’ turned into ‘a season or two’ and I still have no idea what I was watching – It’s a comedy, right?!)

When I arrived at One Agency HQ in the salubrious Avenue complex, Kristy was ready and waiting to hit me with the most important factor in the measure of any business – the figures.

Impressive as they were (it’s been a good year), what really struck me was the birds-eye view that Kristy had of her staff, her business, and the overall trajectory of the year to come.

Kristy’s grand vision incorporates mobilising her staff, embracing emerging technologies, recognising the truly human nature of her craft and maybe, one day, taking her foot off the gas and sailing off into the sunset with her fabulous husband a business partner, Dan.

Piece by piece, Kristy has assembled a cracking team of agents – each with their own flair – to service the multitude of needs and personalities you’ll find here on the Fraser Coast.

With the generous influx of new community members from interstate, that eclectic mix has developed even further.

Expectations vary so much client to client, and even with the population growth, I’m always astounded at what you get for your money here in the Wide Bay compared to anywhere else I can think of.

Add to that, the glorious beaches and the unyielding sunshine… it’s the ultimate lifestyle destination for many.

No wonder we’re having a boom…

I’m struck by Kristy’s work being way more about people than property.

No matter who she’s thinking of, she’s considering their needs, tastes, motivation and trying to predict their next move as best as possible.

I suppose this is what all of us do as business owners to some degree.

Prior to the day, Kristy admitted she was a little self-conscious that I wouldn’t find what she does particularly exciting. As someone with a background in journalism and a natural penchant for being a snoop, this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

The thing is – and I expect this is quite common for people to whom their craft comes quite naturally – she makes it look effortless. But to me, looking at numbers and staff, and selling, well anything, is as complex as it gets.

Kristy has one last surprise for me before we end our time together.

The day before my visit, the sale of one of her listings was finalised, and it was time for their signage to receive a coveted ‘sold’ sticker.

I imagine this to be the pinnacle of any real estate agent’s career, and never getting old, no matter how many times you do it. (I could be mistaken, of course)

The satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped someone find their forever home, or simply secured them a new income stream must be pretty damn satisfying.

As we head out the door, I get a gentle ribbing about making sure there are no bubbles in the sticker.
You never see any from a distance, and I’m wildly confident based on my experience putting up children’s’ decals in my home.

It’s not the same.

Not at all.

As we pull up to the newly sold home, I’m full of my usual mixture of bravado and trepidation. “I’ve got this.”

“I’m going to mess it up for sure.”

Naturally, I messed it up.

This beautiful, meaningful symbol of the next stage in so many people’s lives… reduced to an unseemly collection of air bubbles that shouldn’t be there.

And add to that, as I look back, I now feel guilty for having robbed someone of this great honour – someone who maybe would have done a better job of it, too.

Still, it was an honour to have had the opportunity to try something almost nobody experiences.