Exploring with G&D Ross Bus Charters

Written by Shaun Ryan

Maryborough has a number of established family-owned businesses that have operated in or out of the city for decades – if not longer.

The Heritage City tells a story of hard work and dedication. It’s a community that is continuously evolving but remains committed to its roots and traditions.

And it’s that hard work and dedication that sets successful, long-running businesses apart from those that make a big splash but disappear just as quickly.

“Don’t ever think you can start a business and get away with working eight hour days, shutting up shop at 5pm on Friday and putting your feet up until Monday morning.”

That’s the advice from owner of G&D Ross Bus Charters, Greg Ross.

“You work when you have to and when the phone rings, you answer it and take up the job.”

G&D Ross Bus Charters was founded in 1994 by Greg and his wife Donna.

In nearly 30 years, the company has grown from a single school bus service to a fleet of vehicles that offer a variety bus tour and charter services.

The business now employs about 20 drivers.

“I never thought we would get this big,” said Greg.

But all Greg can remember is wanting to be behind the wheel of a bus.

“All I wanted to do when I was at school was drive a bus and avoid farming. I’ve carted a lot of people around over the years.”

The business is more than just a means of transport.

“We take an interest in what people are doing, where they are going and help them get the most out of any trip.

“It’s what we love doing. As a family, if we’re not driving buses, we’re on the road exploring.”

G&D Ross Bus Charters also create different tour options for clients infused with their passion for travel and adventure.

The tours are about getting people out and enjoying the different activities and attractions on the Fraser Coast and beyond.

“We’ve seen a lot of Australia through this business,” explained Greg.

“We love giving people positive experiences and it’s always great hearing good feedback – whether it’s the quality and cleanliness of the vehicles, the enthusiasm of our drivers or our impressive safety standards.”

So, if you’re looking for a bus tour or charter service give G&D Ross Bus Charters a call on 0741297132. You can also check out their website at ganddrossbuscharters.com.au.