Aging gracefully

Written by Abby Blanke

As much as we would all love the foundation of youth or a magic oil elixir that permanently stops the aging process unfortunately nothing like that has been invented just yet!

But can you anti-age your skin? Which means slow down the aging process or even turn back the wheels.

The answer is YES! Of course you can’t prevent aging because it is a natural part of life.

Anti-aging is more about helping you age the best possible way your skin and body can.

How do we do that?

First it’s really important that you understand your genetics and lifestyle as these play a huge role in how your skin ages. It will help us find the weaker links that we need to focus on for skincare and treatments.

All genetics age differently

I love German skin! I feel like they got the best when it comes to aging. Their skin tans beautifully and practically never lines or pigments. Red hair genes on the other hand have a little more of a hard time trying to prevent pigmentation and premature aging.

Using the right homecare for your skin

Once you understanding how your skin will show signs of age we can then match your homecare for your skins needs. Vitamin C is really important for strengthen the skin and protecting from pigmentation. Vitamin A helps prevent lines.


The number one premature aging reason is the sun. It breaks down our skin collagen and cause free radical damage within the epidermis. If premature aging is a concern for you, no amount of high quality skincare will help stop if you are not using SPF every day.

In salon treatments:

This is a really crucial step if you want to reverse some of the damage already done. In salon treatments are higher potency than what can be done at home and if you are in the right hands an experienced therapist will know exactly what treatments can be combined to treat your skin to give high impact results. It really does take a holistic approach when it comes to getting the maximum results for your treatments and skin.

Turning the clock back to your 20s may not be possible but we can certainly make you look and feel the best possible version of yourself and that’s really what it is all about anyway.