White is right

Written by Kate Manley

Stepping officially into the summer of 2021-22, this month we’re featuring all things white.

Whilst many books are written on using only shades of white for home decor, not many would choose an all-white outfit.

Of course, white is the easiest shade to combine with absolutely any colour. But, wearing all white can often evoke a sense of freshness, purity and peacefulness.

The tradition of white dresses for brides is associated with a sense of innocence, a new beginning or fresh start.

By way of celebrating the festive season, we’ve added some gold accessories to immediately give you that winning edge of luxury and sophistication. Wishing you all a very merry ‘White Christmas’.


  1. Patterned ruffle shortsleeve blouse
  2. Casual flexi waist white cotton pants
  3. Gold glitter flats
  4. Gold double dangling circles earrings
  5. Gold leather clutch with strap


  1. White lace dreamy maxi dress
  2. Silky white leisure top
  3. Silk white shoulder knots singlet top
  4. Gold leather-like belt
  5. Bronze triple hoops earrings
  6. Gold multi-chain and beads necklace