The natural choice with Fraser Coast Herbals

Written by Shaun Ryan

When you walk through the doors of Fraser Coast Herbals in Maryborough you are greeted by more than just friendly staff.

The shop has a character of its own – with the smell of natural soaps, therapeutic grade oils, organic teas and herbal powders combining to create a calming atmosphere.

Cate Haynes and her partner Michael Archer opened Fraser Coast Herbals in the Heritage City to provide customers with a natural and alternative way to care for and look after their bodies.

“So many people who have visited our shop say its an absolute smell sensation when they come inside,” said Cate.

Fraser Coast Herbals, located at 152 Pallas Street, offers customers a full range of natural products to “treat almost anything.”

Cate, a qualified herbalist, described Fraser Coast Herbals as the place to go if you’re looking for herbal remedies and products.

The shop stocks a full range of natural products like therapeutic grade oils, organic teas, herbal powders, high-quality hemp oils, natural face creams and organic washing powders to name just a few.

“Everything is natural and we don’t stock retail brands,” she said.

Cate and Michael are new to Maryborough, having moved to the region from New South Wales.
“We’ve loved the move and it was a fantastic idea to come up here,” said Michael.

“We love the community spirit and there are really great people living here,” he continued.

Michael believes Fraser Coast Herbals appeals to people who want to try something different.
“Not everyone likes and wants to take prescription medication. So, we offer a more natural and alternative way of fixing your body,” he said.

“What we offer is an add on to other approaches that are already out there.”

Central to Fraser Coast Herbals’ business model is the use of an extensive health questionnaire.
Customers complete the questionnaire, which then helps Cate fully understand what they are struggling with and how best to treat it.

Whether you have gone down the natural or organic route before or want to try it for the first time, Cate and Michael said the best thing to do is to “just come on down and say hi.”

“Come and have a look at the products we stock and have a chat about how we can help you,” said Cate.

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