Slip, slop, slap for protection

Written by Abby Blanke

Well, Summer is on our doorstep and I am loving it! My favorite thing about summer is finishing work and its still daylight, the warm breeze in the air the smell of a BBQ when coming home. To me, it just feels happy. Summer is Happy!

With the longer days and higher humidity, we need to look at what we are using in our skincare to make sure we keep our natural glow.

Cleanser: During summer we need to add a little more kick to our cleanser like lactic acid or maybe some enzymes.

What this does is help sloth away the dead skin cells. As summer warms up we tend have a little more on our skin whether it be sunscreen or sweat from the day, the lactic acid or enzyme gets down a little deeper and helps with a cleaner feel.

Replace your night moisture with your day (as long as it doesn’t have SPF in it). I am a big believer that your moisturizer is designed for your skin type and serums help “correct” your concerns.

But if your using a day and night moisturizer think about switching to a lighter moisturiser at night. During summer the skin is not needing the heavy nourishment, and as a result, you can feel like your cream will either be all over your pillow when you wake up or just feel super greasy in the morning. If you feel like you may need some more nourishment a little bit of rosehip oil mixed in will help.

Antioxidants like Vitamin C are ridiculously important in summer as vitamin C helps give your skin cells strength and act as like an umbrella to stop any pigmentation from entering. The sun’s UV radiation breaks down our levels of Vitamin C and we need to replace it daily. The use of a serum every morning will help top up your skins natural levels.

Last but not least and really it should be an everyday rain, hail, shine kind of thing.

Use a physical sunblock!

Zinc and Titanium Dioxide are the only two ingredients that stop UVB, burning ray and UVA, aging ray. It’s the UVA that causes the most damage and ages our skin the fastest.

It has to go on every single day as a non-negotiable. The sun is the number one aging factor in Queensland skins. For all the hard work you put in making sure you cleanse, apply serums and moisturise won’t mean anything if your skin is constantly being damaged by UVA.

Queensland’s number 1 aging factor is the sun!

We are naturally an outdoors style lifestyle and I love it. But to keep your skin in top health sun protection is the most important thing you can do.