City Council

Have you guys always been musical?
Well the City Council lads all mainly started playing in high school. Carl picked up the bucket drums in year 12. Sambo found inspiration on guitar hero from the ripe age of 12. Arlen was sick after schoolies and had nothing else to do in bed. Miah picked up the bass 4 months ago but has always had a creative side and soft spot for the guitar.

What/who are your musical influences?
Us lads have a huge influence from the Aussie rock scene. For example the Chats, Skeggs, The Terry’s, Violents Soho and most importantly Taylor Swift.

What/who are you listening to right now?
Us boys are diverse and so is the music we listen to. If it’s fast and heavy we’ll most likely love it. Shoutout to Private Function, nothing gets you more pumped.

Favourite line from a song?
The favourite lyrics from a song would be “Mountains come and go, but Aussie pub rock lives on forever”.

Do you practise regularly?
We have been together for a only about 4 months, since then we have tried to get back to the council homebase aka Sambos shed to practice once or twice a week. And by practice we mean come up with songs we think are funny the whole time.

What is each members roll?
Sambo is the lead guitarist who just rips it to shreds. Carl has a whack on the drums. (You’ve probably heard him from your house).

Jeremiah slaps the bass and blesses the microphone with his singing. Arlen jumps on the guitar aswell and has a strum, combined with some yelling and singing.

If you could play any gig or venue, where would you play?
Well if we could play at any venue we were thinking Suncorp Stadium on Origin Game 3. Or maybe the bowlo on a hot stinking night in Maryborough.

What’s the meaning behind the name ‘City Council’?
We saw it on the wall of Carl’s shed and it was a sign. We take about 200 breaks an hour and It takes 400 people to do one man’s job.