When your shoes do the talking

Written by Shaun Ryan

Whether you’re meeting up with friends, going to work or quickly nipping out to the supermarket, when you shop at Maxine’s Shoes, you know you’re going to be stepping out in style.

Based at 36 Torquay Road, Pialba, Maxine’s Shoes is all about comfort with style.

Owner Michelle Newman said the business prides itself on personal service and making sure clients leave with the perfect fitting shoe that offers comfort, style and support.

“We’re a business that’s really well-established in the community and it’s our personal service, exclusive footwear and attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest,” Michelle said.

When you step into Maxine’s, you don’t just choose a pair of shoes, pay for them and leave.

“We offer a proper fitting and are able to help people select a pair of shoes that is going to make them feel great and confident but also know that they’re going to be wearing shoes that are perfect for their feet. We’re even able to help with your orthotics if you need that extra support,” explained Michelle.

“We know our product and personally pick everything that you see inside the store.”

And it’s that approach to business and customer service that keeps clients marching back to Maxine’s.

Michelle said they’re gearing up for summer and have a shop full of new stock.

“Summer is a great season for us – it’s bright and colourful – and we have shoes that are exclusive to Maxine’s.”

All footwear sold at Maxine’s has been selected by the team.

“We know our clients and we know what they want.”

Michelle said every last detail is thought through. Whether it’s the style, colour of the leather or even the combination of colours, they’re all inside the store for a reason.

Maxine’s also actively chooses to limit the number of shoes they sell in each design or colour.

“This means the shoes we have on offer here in Hervey Bay are genuinely exclusive. Because we personally select shoes and pick everything ourselves, you could be wearing footwear that is not available anywhere else in the world.

“We offer international brands that are personally selected. We’ve created a point of difference.”
Other accessories such as wallets, purses and handbags are also personally selected and limited to one item per style.

“You’re never going to bump into a friend at a party and realise you have the same bag,” Michelle said.

“It gives us so much joy to see people leaving after a successful shop. They came for something in particular and left with what they wanted.”

“It’s destination shopping.”

You can keep up to date with Maxine’s product offering and new ranges online at http://www.maxinesshoes.com.au.