Brian Speirs

Have you always been musical?

I’ve always been a singer, ever since primary school and then took up piano when I went to high school. It wasn’t until I left school though at 16 that I bought my first guitar and joined some bands and then started playing gigs and writing songs.

What/who are you/the bands musical influences?

I have a very eclectic mix of influences and when you study and teach music you develop tastes of all sorts. I grew up listening to a lot of Prince, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, David Bowie and 80’s Pop. When I was younger though, I always played in bands with older experienced musicians who would influence what I listened to as I went through my musical journey. I became a big fan of some Indie Rock bands like the Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins in the 90’s. Then when I moved to Liverpool to study music, I started listening to Jazz, Bossa Nova, Tango and a whole range of other World Music genres.

What/who are you listening to right now?

I listen to the radio a lot at home and in the car and dig what Rag n Bone Man, Post Malone and Dua Lipa are doing!

Favourite line from a song?

That’s a difficult one! Possibly ‘I heard the news today oh boy!’ I’ll leave it to the readers to work out what that line’s from?

How often do you practice?

I constantly need to learn songs to accompany my singing students at school and generally try to practice and learn a bunch of new songs during school holidays to keep my solo repertoire fresh.

Which instruments do you play?

My main instrument is voice and I also play piano and rhythm guitar. When at school, I will have some fun at times banging on a drum kit and playing bass, but pretty basic really and not when too many people are listening!

What gig past, future or present would you like to have been to/go to?

I would have loved to see Queen live with Freddie Mercury on vocals. He was such an awesome front man and showman. Adam Lambert does a great job keeping the band going at the moment and would have liked to have gone to their last show when they played in Brisbane. However, the stars just didn’t align for me to be able to go. Maybe next time!

If you could play any gig or venue, where would you play?

Since Covid hit, gigs with my band ‘Soul City’ have been few and far between due to restrictions on dance floors etc… My favourite gig with Soul City has been playing at Fisherman’s Ball upstairs in The Beach House. We played at that event for about five years in a row before Covid hit and the crowds have always been up for a great night. Unfortunately, it’s been cancelled the last two years. But, hopefully 2022 will provide another great opportunity for everyone to get their dancing shoes back on!