Shawn Wondunna-Foley

Written by Shaun Ryan

Embracing spirituality to identify togetherness through difference

We are all like raindrops in the ocean.

We are all individuals and we have the ability to recognise our uniqueness and difference but, at the same time, we are part of the collective and cannot exist without each other.

Hervey Bay artist, author, designer, and spiritual life coach Shawn Wondunna-Foley believes everyone’s journey is different but we cannot ignore our interconnectedness and sense of community.

“The one thing we all share is the idea of people, place and planet,” explained Shawn.

“There is a need for us to remove our egos from the equation and talk about being one. Through mindfulness and spirituality, we are able to become the best versions of ourselves.

“And all of this will help us achieve and create a better world.”

This theme becomes apparent when looking at Shawn’s own journey as a creative.

As a Butchulla man living on the Fraser Coast, Shawn said he had a close connection with the land and ocean.

Looking out over the bay, Shawn said he loves the colour blue.

The ocean, K’gari in the distance and the clear sky blend together and form a monochromatic backdrop of blues.

While each of the elements differ in terms of their proximity to our vantage point, they are brought together by a palette dominated by blue.

“My mother had a strong influence on me and was grounded in her spirituality and sense of country,” explained Shawn.

He said this in turn had a strong influence on his own work as a creative.

A lot of Shawn’s work as a visual artist is linked back to country and his Butchulla lineage, but is not necessarily dominated by what many would refer to as traditional themes or styles.

His art speaks to many but is guided by something that is very personal.

In the same way, Shawn believes the concept of home is a fluid one.

“Home is where you are. Where you are surrounded by good feelings and positivity. You take your spirituality with you wherever you go.”

It is through spirituality and an understanding of our differences and similarities that we can see people and appreciate them for who they really are.

“When we engage spirituality, we see beyond the external features and interact with the person.”

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