Fresh from Falls Farm

Written by Scott Thompson and Jason England

At Odyssey we focus on using sustainable, quality ingredients sourced from local small-scale producers.

Every visit to Odyssey Bistro will take you on a new culinary voyage of inspiration and flair.

You’ll be able to taste the farm to plate difference as we bring you the freshest produce from just down the road.

Every Tuesday, one of our team will jump in the car and head off to visit a selection of local suppliers (and uncover new ones).

One of the most important stops on our Tuesday farm run is ‘The Falls Farm’ located in Mapleton, Sunshine Coast.

Driving up into the Sunshine coast hinterland is an experience on its own. As you ascend the mountain you notice the air cooling. The trees and fields become a rich green and give way to an abundance of varied cropping and farming practices.

The growing conditions are ideal and lend themselves to a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The Falls Farm located in Mapleton, has an emphasis on growing rare, unusual, and forgotten food plants.

Although not certified organic, the farm uses organic and regenerative growing practices and only sell what they grow.

As a result, instead of a standard menu dictating our weekly produce purchases, our chefs are inspired by various seasonal options when placing their Sunday order for the coming week.

Our order is harvested the day before we arrive, ensuring the purchases are fresh, bursting with flavour, nutrient dense and healthy.

The first time we sampled The Falls Farm vegetables we fell in love with the crisp and succulent flavours, memorably the carrots imparted an earthiness equal to pulling one from the ground and eating it on the spot.

We knew immediately we had to showcase these vegetables in their raw form so they could be appreciated by all our diners. We serve Crudités as an introduction to our menu and as an option in our snack menu; these vegetables bursting with colour and flavour have been seasoned, dressed, and are complimented with a house dip on the side.

Each week the team at Odyssey endeavour to honour the taste sensations inspired by The Falls Farm produce on offer.