Frank Benn

Have you all, always been musical?

Yes, I have always been very musical and loved it so much. Watching my family play music in Fiji was always a huge inspiration to me, as it’s a big part of everyday life back home. The way music makes you feel and how you can express yourself through music is just the most amazing thing in the world.

What/who are you/the bands musical influences?

My biggest influences in music as a young man used to be some local legends called Steve and Nick Stevens a father-son duo. They were the only friends I knew that were making a living out of playing what we were all passionate about and I use to be in absolute awe of them.

The backbone to my influences is Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson, Cat Stevens, Tracey Chapman, James Brown, Wild Cherry, Sublime, Nirvana, Sound Garden. Those are just few off the top of my head and many more.

What/who are you listening to right now?

Olivia Rodrigo, Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Rita Ora, 5 S.O.S, Jessie J, also listening to a lot of 90s grunge, like I always have done.

Favourite line from a song?

“Since she died easy of a broken heart disease as I listen through the cemetery trees”, is my favourite line from a song by the band “Wall Flowers”. The beauty of music is you can create a visual for listeners and people can relate or make their own mind up about how they feel or see a song.

How often do you practice?

I certainly practice regularly in the shed as it’s so important to always try perfect your craft and get better and challenge yourself. Also, so that your live performances always sound great. We can’t always be spot on as we are only human, but as they say practice makes perfect.

Which instruments do you play?

Bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and I also used to play piano for many years.

I would very much love to refresh my piano skills at some stage and would also love to play more classical guitar also.

What gig past, future or present would you like to have been to/go to?

The gig I wish I could have been part of way back when would have been Woodstock and just to be able to hear legends like Jimmy Hendrix or Janis Joplin … all of the greats!

I’m a huge Elvis and Beatles fan too! Just to see them perform once would be just amazing.

If you could play any gig or venue, where would you play?

One of my dreams has always been to headline Glastonbury Festival or iTunes festival. To be able to headline at festivals like that would be a dream come true.

But I will certainly never stop trying and writing my original music to get there, ever! Music is my life and always will be till the end.