Design with nature in mind

Written by Ingrid Gorissen

The inspiration for this column was found right in my own home this month.

Organic designs are styles where you feel one with the environment around you.

They are raw, earthy, rustic and textured in feel and atmosphere.

It incorporates the sky, ocean, fields, bushlands, and deserts.

Something that I always love to do when designing an interior space is to bring the outdoors inside and create a warm and inviting environment where you can feel grounded and connected.

Simple and cost-effective ways to do this is incorporating these elements:

  • Plants (whether it be potted plants or hanging plants or an indoor garden bed)
  • Natural Light (added windows, or cross ventilation, rearranging furniture)
  • Colour (painting feature walls or added wallpaper, styling with colours through throws, pillows etc)

Inviting Mother Nature into your home through design is an exceptional way to get back to basics, while infusing warmth, colour, purpose, and practicality at the same time.

To truly accomplish organic design is to engage all the senses and pay respect to nature generally and work with its seasons.

Nature has a way of putting some of the most interesting colour pallets together; So, don’t be shy to experiment with colour, texture, and materials.

Let’s focus back to my own home, which I believe is a true living environment and a place where my whole family feels at peace.

I have created this space by looking at what is around me, our beaches, beautiful bushlands, the vastness of Fraser Island and bringing that back in through furniture, colour, and natural light in each room.

Believe me, you can do it too, just don’t be scared to experiment and try new things.