Turning on the charm -Toowoomba

Written by Brooke Wilson

Not long returned home, a recent trip to my hometown of Toowoomba to visit family has given me much to be grateful for. Having grown up there, there is always the sense of nostalgia upon returning, and while I didn’t get out and about much this time, there is still plenty to see and do.

Toowoomba has a special kind of allure, that keeps people coming back year after year.

During spring, the city comes alive for the Carnival of Flowers held over the month of September.

ardeners or simply appreciators of pretty things will enjoy wandering the many parks, packed to the brim with a stunning array of flowers and plants, in all colours you can imagine.

Queens Park and Laurel Bank Park are particularly good. Each year, you can also join in on the Food and Wine Festival, held over a three day period coinciding with the carnival. Enjoy live entertainment and a dizzying choice of food vendors for a fantastic night out.

Of course, Toowoomba has much more to offer than just its festival. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Little Melbourne’ for its food and arts scene, the city is packed full of quaint little cafes, hole-in-the-wall coffee shops, alleyway art, boutique stores, and a thriving music scene.

Scattered all around the city are murals and paintings up the sides of buildings, down alleys, and tucked into all sorts of places. Those wanting to check out the art can pick up a map specially designed to follow the art trail, which will take you all over the city.

Avid coffee lovers and those who are a little extra picky about their coffee (like me!) are spoiled for choice, as amazing coffee is easy to come by. My personal favourite is Grinds Espresso Rail, a tiny hole-in-the-wall coffee shop wedged in the main street. For something slightly out of the ordinary, try their Turkish delight mochas – they are divine!

With Toowoomba perched at the top of the Great Dividing Range, it offers the opportunity for walkers to get out and about, with both Tabletop Mountain and Redwood Park being popular walks. Challenging adventurers with steep slopes, rocky escarpments, even a little rock climbing, both will reward walkers with spectacular views across the range and Lockyer Valley.

It’s easy to see why Toowoomba attracts thousands of visitors, first time and returning travellers year after year. So if you haven’t been, be sure to make the trip down to Toowoomba soon, as it will be sure to find its way into your heart.