Take the juggle out of self-care

Written by Abby Blanke

Making time for ourselves for self-care can be difficult when we are parents.

More often than not we put our own needs well before our children and a simple trip to have an eyebrow wax can be put off due to not having anyone to watch the kids.

At Serenity Skin Spa, we don’t want you to avoid our spa because juggling the kids is tricky! We want you to bring them in.

Why do you ask?

Well, it’s very simple, in our busy world which often allows us little time to switch off, we want your kids to see you taking time out. We want them to understand the importance of it not only for you, but for them also and that there is no better way for them to learn this than to have them be here with you.

We also want your children to see what real self-care looks like without the perfection and hype social media often portrays. It isn’t the $3000 exotic retreat or the photoshopped images of the perfect face.

It is a constant dedication to giving our bodies time out and nourishment.

Now don’t get me wrong, we aren’t a day-care service! But if you feel that your kids could sit in our waiting room while you have your appointment, we want you to feel comfortable in doing that, knowing that you have our 100% support.

It’s all about balance and allowing our next generation to see that self-love is perfectly ok and needed in an era of fast-paced lifestyle.