Sunset at the end of the storm

Written by Kodie Axelsen

Ahh the Big Blue, my favourite place on earth. What a fantastic topic to write about!

Turns out today the ocean was not too favourable to me as I kicked some sort of sea creature that left me in excruciating pain, a throbbing toe and a trip to emergency. But you take the good with the bad and this little escapade has sparked my creative juices to write my column today.

It had me thinking about perception. Staff in my office took it upon themselves to Dr. Google my symptoms and it seemed I may die. I sat there assessing the amount of pain I was feeling and whether I wanted pain relief or not. I first opted out as I don’t even take Panadol but then agreed that it probably wasn’t such a bad idea considering it was unknown at that point how long I would be waiting there for and if the pain would get worse.

I was being advised by my “not so medical” team that if my toe goes blue I should be making some noise about it.

This chain of events had me thinking about the countless number of people I have conversations with on a daily basis about their situations and how ‘bad’ they are, or the advice that Joe Blow from down the street gave them about what they should and shouldn’t be doing, or could and couldn’t do.

I was called into emergency and the nurse was a really kind guy. He was a kite surfer and we proceeded to talk about kite surfing. I assumed that this guy is an ocean lover and a nurse so what better bloke to be treating me at this point than him.

He was sure it was a marine sting and filled up a bucket of hot water and sat me back in the waiting room. Within half an hour the sting had subsided and I was more than happy to leave before being seen by a doctor.

Something so miniscule and easy to fix was previously blown into what could have been a deathly chain of events.

With the right advice from the right person I was on my way to proceed with my day. The same actions can take place in any scenario and most will point out the negative rather than the positive.

There are so many people that hold back from their plans or their financial goals based on bad advice they have been given. So many think their situation is horrid when really it isn’t so bad and they can generally change a few things or just take a little bit of extra time to get that next step to achieve their goal.

Without the right advice from the right people things can seem like a never ending black storm you can’t get out of. I urge anyone with concerns about their money or with a goal they want to achieve such as buying a house, to contact a professional. Chances are there is a plan you can put in place to get to where you want to be and it is achievable.

Don’t Dr. Google your symptoms. Everyone is different. Everyone’s situation is different.

Like the ocean, we all go through some rough seas but there is a beautiful sunset and the end of the storm. We just have to be pointed in the right direction to know how to look for it.