From the ocean to your plate

Written by Scott Thompson and Jason England

At Odyssey, we work hard to develop unique relationships with all our food partners.

Our food map featured on every menu reflects the locations of our valued business partnerships.

We are proud to provide ocean to plate dining, with fish caught by local fishermen and delivered directly to the bistro for our culinary team to prepare immediately.

In this issue we are featuring our well-established partnership with local fishermen Tim Guiver and business partner Karl Klein, who support us to showcase our coastal abundance of seafood.

Together, with our experienced team, who quickly process their fish deliveries, we can make the most of their catch by immediately featuring it on our menu.Tim and Karl enjoy providing fish for our restaurant because they take pleasure in seeing their product showcased and served to local customers. Tim and Karl focus on two types of fishing; line caught and seine netting, fishing in waters from Double Island Point to 1770. The types of fish caught are reef fish, all types of mackerel, whiting, trevally, dart, and mullet. They have a steadfast belief in well-managed and sustainable practice, targeting fish species in abundance and dispatching to fish markets in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne depending on species and demand.

We are always excited to receive the text from Tim saying he is on his way back in with a catch. He delivers the fish to our door, frequently with his boat in tow, and our team are straight into action, gutting, scaling, and filleting.

Conversations begin during this process with ideas about how the fish will be cooked and what garnish will best compliment the catch. The Odyssey menu has featured everything from dart fish, tailor, tuna, mackerel, and a wide variety of reef fish.

This is one of the reasons why, when dining at Odyssey, you will be presented with a unique menu that is written before each service once our chefs determine what they will be serving and how they will be serving it.

Featured in the photo is School mackerel, buttered leeks and agrodolce. This dish has been a popular item featured on our menu. The garnish is very versatile and works well with a wide variety of the fish that Tim and Karl provide.