Identify as you

Written by Telaine Feeney

Just because you can’t sing, have a tough time articulating the written word, or drawing an amazing picture – that doesn’t mean you’re not creative.

self-doubt limits a sense of confidence. Everyone is creative in their own special way.

Creating is what we do. It is who we are. It is the art form of seeing what everyone else does but differently. And that is individuality.

Consciously connecting with your creativity is discovering self. It is who you are. When we are creative, we problem solve, we are capable of expression, we identify our thoughts and beliefs.

As children, we naturally create with stories, art, and learning. Through the years of aging the ability to be open to new creative ideas subsides.

We become ‘stuck’ in our mindsets and life is busy, we stop seeing as much to evolve our creativity. We fall into the ‘known’ and habits. Here is where the self-discovery and connection can transpire. Awareness and consciously finding creative outlets is awakening of growth.

This is how my own creative outlet ‘Made by Laine’ manifested. I am so grateful for the mind shift from feeling uncreative to realizing I already was.

I have a created a life that holds elements of sustainability, nature, and simplicity as incredibly important.

I wanted to create a life that gave my children freedom to imagine, with what we have available to us. The outdoors, natural resources, creativity, and self-sufficiency. This evolved to pickling my own home-grown foods, creating our own home and body products, connecting our feelings and thoughts through art, music, and word.

Opening myself to creative thinking has led to my textile business, our family philosophy, community opportunities and the ability to be more self-aware.

Let yourself identify as creative. I do not care if it’s just the way you lay out the kid’s breakfast plates, realize you are creative and watch the way your eyes open to everything around you.

Creativity is not just art, it is discovery. Its evolutionary. It is SELF.