Getting back to basics

Written by Bec Dudley

I have been blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful role models throughout my life.
Some have been short-term for various reasons and others have been life-long role models.

I witnessed my stepchildren grow into amazing humans because of the positive role models they were surrounded with.

Having role models to teach you basic life skills was once a part of growing up into adulthood, but for various reasons, most people (not everyone), these days seem to miss out.

We also live in a far different world than we did about 40 years ago.

Technology, while it promised to make our lives easier, seems to be one of the very reasons why as a society we are losing the simple act of passing on what we have learnt because our minds are too busy elsewhere.

So, for the past seven years I have had a creative vision to teach basic life skills.

My initial vision was to share my knowledge with school leavers and those in their early 20s.

Then in October 2020, I became a carer for my husband who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer.

My sister invited me to listen to a webinar for carers and there I heard in Queensland there are 533,200 carers, including more than 50,000 young carers under the age of 25, which equates to around 1 in 10.

Most of these young carers are caring for their parents or a family member.
I am a forever learning and after much research I found an online platform that I could use to teach basic life skills.

I quietly launched my website in April 2021 and is called and the bfree2be School is now live, with my signature program ‘Life Skills Membership Program’ in its early stages of development.

The founding Core ‘Life Skill’ topics include: Managing your household finances, learn how to cook, house cleaning & decluttering, maintenance for your home, keeping your energy high and nurturing relationships.

It will continue to grow as my customer base grows but will always have fresh new content added to the program.

I am convinced when technology is used correctly it can change your life for the right reasons and I am hoping to use my online school to reach school leavers and the 50,000 young carers under the age of 25.

I hope to give them support and an avenue to learn basic life skills while they navigate their current journey as carers.