Confidence. Natural beauty. Unapologetically you.

Written by Shaun Ryan

They are pretty simple words but they ring true for all the right reasons.

“Just be unapologetically you.”

It’s the phrase that Hervey Bay stylist, makeup artist and entrepreneur Emily Wilson lives her own life by and uses to guide her growing business in the right direction.

Emily’s approach to style and makeup is to accentuate a client’s natural beauty and features.

“There is so much going on, especially on social media, that tells women how they should look and what image they should present to the world. But for me, it’s more important that people emphasize their own features and what makes them unique,” she said.

“Makeup and styling should be done to enhance who you are, boost your confidence and help you love yourself.”

Emily Wilson Cosmetics operates out of Torquay and offers clients so much more than just indulgence.

“I always wanted to run my business from my home. It’s a space where mothers can come with their young children, relax and unwind a little.”

“So often people arrive at a booking and apologize for how they look. You shouldn’t have to dress up to get your makeup or see your stylist,” said Emily.

An intrinsically creative person who has always enjoyed art, Emily offers a range of services that make clients leave the studio feeling good about themselves, confident and wanting more.

“I’m really passionate about brow tattooing at the moment. It’s something that I enjoy doing and was drawn to because of how it makes clients feel about themselves.”

Fully aware of the benefits and self-confidence that comes from brow tattooing, Emily offers a free service to cancer patients who are undergoing treatment.

“It’s my way of giving back to the community and helping others,” she said.

“I love my clients. When someone comes into the studio we chat, get to know each other and understand more about each other and ourselves. In a way, a booking is almost therapeutic in itself and sometimes I think I get more out of it all than they do.”

“We get through things together and work on solving each other’s problems in a judgement free environment.”

Emily is also the only stylist in the region to sell her own line of makeup.

“People who use Emily Wilson Cosmetics are positive and ooze self-confidence. The line offers women a more natural looking makeup option.

“It’s a high-quality product but remains affordable to everyone.”

Oh yes, and when you have your session with Emily, ask her to explain ‘Doubt Shmout’.

It’s a phrase she uses when things don’t always work out the way you want “Doubt Shmout – just move on.”

She coined the phrase to help you focus on what really matters – after all the real world isn’t perfect.

And hey, it comes on a pretty cool range of T-shirts too.

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