Create safer roads on Fatality Free Friday

Written by Hervey Bay Taxi

Local Taxi Company Joins Forces with The Australian Road Safety Foundation to Raise Awareness of The Importance of Road Safety to Help Save Lives

Hervey Bay Taxi Service is partnering with The Australian Road Safety Foundation in their annual Fatality Free Friday initiative which calls on individuals to #ChooseRoadSafety and demonstrate their commitment to reducing road trauma.

Now Australia’s largest national community-based road safety program, the initiative calls on all Australians to take the Fatality Free Friday pledge, which is a promise to always be fit to drive, to stay focused on the road, and to always drive responsibly and in a way that suits the conditions.

Research released to mark the 15th annual Fatality Free Friday initiative (May 28) found that speeding is the most common broken road rule, with 78 per cent of Australians admitting to being heavy footed.

Surprisingly, females are more likely than men to speed, with an alarming 81 percent of female drivers admitting to the risky behaviour.

The findings also reveal that jaywalking is the second highest road law broken, showing that its not just drivers, but also pedestrians who need to step up their road safety skills.

Additionally, more than two thirds of Australians admit to having broken a road rule, with a quarter of people doing so at least once a week. Reasons for risky road behaviours include inattention (50%) and the belief that it was safe to do so (30%).

Deanne Lollback, General Manager, Hervey Bay Taxi Service said that as the biggest transport provider in the region and an integral part of the Hervey Bay community, it was their responsibility to help raise awareness of the importance of road safety but notes that a community-wide approach is also necessary.

“As an organisation, we are committed to providing safe transport services in around the region, but we also encourage the wider community to consciously think about their road-related behaviours – because everyone has a role to play in creating safer roads for all.

“Participating in Fatality Free Friday is a way for us to demonstrate our commitment to creating safer roads in the region, but we also call on residents of Hervey Bay to take the Fatality Free Friday road safety pledge,” she says.

ARSF founder and CEO Russell White welcomes the organisation’s participation in this year’s campaign and echos Lollback’s comments that community-wide education is important.

“Tragically, 1,108 people lost their lives on Australian roads last year, 276 in Queensland alone – and one life lost is simply too many,” said Mr White.

“Interestingly, our research shows that 84 per cent of road users falsely believe that drivers make up most of the road toll, when in actual fact more than half are passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

“Individuals have a responsibility to make the right choices when using the roads, and its imperative they understand the devastating consequences their choices can have not just on other road users, but on the wider community.

“The impact of road trauma is far-reaching and does not discriminate. Road users also need to understand the impact on families, friends, schools, workplaces, first responders and emergency services,” he adds.

To take the pledge, Hervey Bay residents can visit

They joined Ms Lollback and other Hervey Bay Taxi drivers today at Fraser Coast Cultural Centre Carpark – where they demonstrated their support by physically signing a vehicle.

While the target is to have zero fatalities on Australian roads on Friday 28 May, the initiative is much more than just a single day, ultimately aiming for long-term community change.

About the research: Research conducted by Pure Profile on behalf of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, April 2021, n=1,000 nationally representative by gender, age and location of Australian drivers aged 18 years and over.


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The Australian Road Safety Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving road safety awareness, enhancing driver education and reducing the impact of road trauma. The Foundation strives to improve road safety outcomes, develop research and education programs and work to inform policy makers on methods to address road safety issues. It also provides an umbrella organisation for other road safety programs and community groups. ARSF is helping to develop a sustainable strategy for reducing the social and economic costs of road crashes, as well as providing a platform for future research and advocacy programs.