Wherever you go, there you will also find yourself

Written by Rhian Hunter

Have you never really felt ‘at home’ ? Like there is some place you belong, but you’re still not sure whether this place called home even exists? Then perhaps you’ve been searching in the wrong direction.

In many ways we long for home, and we search for it, and in this search we come up feeling lost and empty, attempting to create it in many outward aspects of our lives.

You see home doesn’t have to be in a location where you grew up, nor does it need to be a structure we’ve known or come to love. The fact is, home does not exist outside of ourselves. Home is within ourselves, it is our soul.

One of the many definitions in the dictionary describes home as: “where we flourish, and where we originate from”.

So in order to find our way back home to ourselves, we must go back, cultivate and find that safe place within; where we have space to be conscious, awake and aware of the depth, possibilities and wholeness that always exists in ourselves.

Take the time daily to reconnect with the wholeness of who you are through yogic practices such as Svādhyāya (self-study) and Dhyāna (contemplation).

As your sense of care and love for your soul grows, you’ll notice parts of yourself you had forgotten arise in your awareness, and the path home safe enough to travel back to. You may start to experience moments of joy and contentment, a fleeting sense of being connected to all of life, a realisation of love so big it seems impossible to contain.

When you notice these experiences, stop and let yourself revel in the observance. You are home!