Soothing to the senses

Written by Scott Thompson and Jason England

During the planning and design stage of Odyssey we needed to develop a kitchen that would be functional and provide for a variety of cooking equipment within a limited amount of space.

During Jason’s time working for Rick Stein in Cornwall at St Petroc’s Bistro, he cooked on a charcoal barbecue called a Big Green Egg.

We both felt strongly that using a charcoal barbecue in the kitchen was a must! We enjoy the aromas and flavour that are imparted to food when barbequing with charcoal.

The cooking smell evokes memories of family and friends gathering on the patio, a drink in hand, with the barbeque imparting that smoky tantalising smell, then sitting down to enjoy a variety of accompanying dishes with the BBQ fare.

We set our focus on introducing a Big Green Egg into our kitchen plan, to create an experience that delivered the nostalgia of those occasions.

Our chefs Jason and Neil use the Green Egg as much as possible when it comes to the daily operations of the kitchen.

From charring local Dart fish to be served with agrodolce, glazing and barbecuing pork neck from local farmers ‘Piggy in the Middle’, and barbecuing the 90-day dry aged meats provided by Dale at Kawungan Butchers.

The Green Egg has become one of the most important pieces of equipment in the Odyssey kitchen. We are continually learning and testing new and exciting ways of utilising our Big Green Egg by adapting our preparation and barbeque skills to a variety of local produce to offer new taste experiences to our diners from our ever-changing menu.

For this month’s Alive magazine edition, I wanted to share my favourite go-to barbecue meal. Featured in the photos is Jerk Chicken which is mostly associated with Jamaica but a common dish found throughout the Caribbean.

The key ingredients of the dish are Allspice and Scotch Bonnet Chillies and is at its best when cooked over coals.

The intense dry heat caramelises the marinade leaving the chicken crispy and charred which is absolutely delicious, pairing well with a nice Pinot Gris.

My favourite sides to accompany Jerk Chicken are a pickled red cabbage slaw, yoghurt flatbread, pickled radish and kewpie mayonnaise. It’s always a winner when shared with friends and family.
If you would like the recipe card for this dish please email and we will be happy to send one.