Love in tree change

Written by Krisy Goodwin

In 2006 My husband Paul and I had been looking for a rural property because we had lived in Hervey Bay for many years, and found it was getting too busy for us.

We found a 60-acre property on the banks of one of the catchments of Lenthalls dam, near Torbanlea, the little house on the property was originally a small 1960’s beach-house that
was moved to its present location from Gatakers Bay in 2003, it’s slanted front windows leaned outward to offer up a beautiful view of the river, which to this day still takes my breath away.

The first thing we did after moving in to the “little house” with my youngest daughter was to build the large vegetable garden (that has been feeding us ever since), and next was the water pumps to the house and orchard and yards for animals, next came the cows, sheep, goats, chicken coop and the chooks.

It’s been an ongoing project over the years, planting ornamentals, fruit trees, and natives to attract birds and we have plenty of every colour.

In 2010 the little house was getting too small for us, with my daughter gaining a partner and later my two grandchildren.

We decided to build a larger family home not far away, still overlooking the river leaving the children behind, though only 50 metres away.

It was a joy to be woken from my slumber every morning with little ones climbing into bed with us.
Christmas and holidays in our home is always filled with fun, food and laughter, swims in the river, fishing and a drink or two.

Our children, two adult girls and their partners, six-and-a-half grandchildren and always the extra friends and family and an exceptionally large slip and slide make for an incredibly fun day!

I love my home and family, I love what my husband and I have built, and I love the fact that we can sit down to a meal, often provided solely by the land we live on.

The children have a home of their own now, we gather here whenever we can, and the grandchildren always come for the holidays.

The “Little House” next door is now called “Waters Edge Cottage” an Airbnb since 2018.

The property is loved by guests, visiting animals, rowing on the river, and foraging in the vegetable garden for edibles for their BBQ.

The cosy little cottage still brings back lovely memories for us, and often will abandon the larger house to sit and recollect the times had there.

As I’m writing this, I have an uncontrollable urge to wander out into my garden and immerse myself in my happy place, my garden and home. Stay warm this winter, surround yourself with people and things you love.

Home isn’t a place,
it’s a feeling” – Cecelia Ahern