Fall in love with your Mercedes-Benz at Port City Autos

Written by Shaun Ryan

People fall in love with Mercedes-Benz vehicles when they walk around a showroom and look at
the modern features, luxury interior and superior design work.

The vehicles almost sell themselves.

Cameron Bates is the General Sales Manager at Port City Autos, the only Mercedes-Benz dealership in the Wide Bay.

“It’s a job that is really rewarding and something I am really proud of,” he said.

“It’s exciting, there is nothing quite like a Mercedes-Benz.”

Cameron said a Mercedes-Benz is a dream car for many Australians and being able to help them get behind the wheel of the vehicle they’ve always wanted is the epitome of job satisfaction.

“People in their private capacity want to drive a Mercedes-Benz and businesses are buying them as well.
They have everything; safety, power, performance and reliability,” he said.

“When I see someone driving a Mercedes-Benz, I see someone who has worked hard and has been rewarded for that hard work.”

Cameron said businesses are also turning to Mercedes-Benz and the range of work vehicles they have at Port City Autos has something for everyone.

Many businesses are after people movers and commercial vans.

While Mercedes-Benz vehicles have a timeless feel about them, they are also looking at the road ahead.
Cameron said their future was exciting, especially when it comes to new technologies being introduced to
ensure vehicles were more fuel efficient and eco-friendly.

Safety is also paramount when driving, especially if you have your loved ones in your car with you.
“When you get into a Mercedes, there is an expectation when it comes to safety. It delivers,” said Cameron.

You can find out more about your dream car at http://www.portcityautos.com.au. Dealerships are based in Hervey Bay and Maryborough.