Richard’s on the hunt for hidden gems

Written by Shaun Ryan

Listening to how people came to be in possession of a unique piece of jewellery is all in a day’s work for Richard Macdonald.

Richard owns and runs Best Price Gold Buyers. His pop-up stall travels to the Wide Bay this month, with stints in both Hervey Bay and Bundaberg.

Richard said it’s always interesting to see what hidden gems might be uncovered in a cupboard or dressing table when he comes to town.

“A lot of the time people who come to the stall are in process of clearing up an inheritance and it’s not unusual to come across vintage pieces of jewellery,” he said.

Richard said he’s always on the lookout for gold and silver pieces.

“We do buy scrap or broken gold items but its those interesting pieces that really make the work exciting.”

Jewellery, watches and coin collections often have a sentimental value attached to them and Richard said this is all taken into account when evaluating items.

“We want to help people make qualified decisions about what they do with their gold and silver,” he said.

Best Price Gold Buyers are able to give accurate evaluations while you wait and payment is immediate.

“Sometimes we get a box of coins or jewellery brought in and it really is full of surprises,” Richard explained.

He’s often the one who breaks the news to owners that they might be in possession of something a little more valuable than they initially thought.

“We once had someone bring in a box of old coins and they never really knew what was inside. They probably thought there wasn’t too much to it but we uncovered a half sovereign,” he said.

The discovery pushed up the value of the box and emphasised how people might not always be aware of the true value of items in their homes, often doing nothing but collecting dust.

“Ultimately, we want people to sell us their gold jewellery and then tell their friends or family to keep an eye out for our stalls,” he said.

Richard said they are always on the lookout for gold necklaces.

Best Price Gold Buyers will be at Stocklands in Hervey Bay from the 8th to the 14th of March – outside Ally Fashion and at Hinkler Central in Bundaberg from the 15th to the 20th of March – outside Michael Hill Jewellers.

For more information, visit @Richthegoldbuyer on Facebook.