Healthy youthful skin

Written by Tammy Wakely

Skin is the largest organ in your body. It protects all your other organs from the external environment. Healthy, youthful skin is at the top of many wish lists. If you feel like you have lost your ‘glow’ or wish to maintain healthy skin had read on.

Is good skin in our genes?

The majority of us are born with healthy, supple skin. As we age, our skin becomes less able to cope with everyday wear and tear. Environmental factors and oxidised stress is now a huge factor in our lives. Looking after your skin is a full time job ! That’s why I love it so much. Love changing lives with
healthy glowing skin!

If you can have regular treatments, the DMK Enzyme treatment is a must . Its great for the whole body even! DMK enzyme therapy facial has a multitude of benefits in treating ALL skin conditions. When your skin is throwing something up – acne, rosacea, dehydrated dry skin, pigmentation,
enlarged pores – it is a sign of imbalance in the skin.

DMK doesn’t work on the surface of the skin to treat these symptoms. It works at a much deeper cellular level to treat the imbalance!

Good skin is partly due to our genes. But the great news is that there is lots we can do to keep our skin looking its best and help our skin function at its healthiest as we age.

Feeding your skin from the inside

Prevention is the most effective way to work against skin ageing. So, eating a balanced nutritional diet, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals is key.

Vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, C, D, E, zinc and selenium are important for optimal skin health and function. Totally Derma Collagen drink and DMK essential Fatty Acids also play a huge part in staying healthy inside and out . If you don’t get enough of these, it could cause medically recognised skin problems. The good news is that a varied diet provides all these nutrients. There are also proven steps you can take to help reduce skin damage.

It is very important to stay hydrated. Healthy skin needs good hydration. That means around six to eight glasses a day in our Queensland climate, maybe more during the summer months or if you are very active.


You literally can! Choosing water rich foods will help keep your skin hydrated and have added antioxidant benefits! Some good examples are: cucumber, tomato, spinach, broccoli, watermelon, apples, citrus fruits and berries.

Causes of wrinkles, dryness and dehydrated skin. The sun is not our friend

Not all sunscreens are the same. You could choose one for DMK as its super light and non greasy .
Protect yourself from the sun. It is very important to protect your skin from sun damage. Ultraviolet light is invisible but powerful rays radiate from the sun. It can damage the collagen and elastin in your skin, which keep skin smooth and supple. Too much sun can cause wrinkles, dry, rough skin, as well as non-cancerous (benign) and cancerous (malignant) skin tumours and more risk from burning.

Skin Care is it ok to get it for the supermarket?

This is some thing I feel very strongly about is Skin Care. I’m pretty good at picking out who is looking after their skin and who is not. It’s not about the cream or where you buy it . Its the ingredients! Look at what the active ingredients are not the price. Not everyone can afford luxury skin care but if you can find something that suits you with yummy stuff in it its a great investment as
it last much longer and works. Vitamins A, C, E when applied topically (onto the skin) can be beneficial. Theses are your game changers.