A bit of Hervey Bay inspiration in Global Success

Written by Shaun Ryan

Open your eyes and see the possibilities around you.

That’s the motivation from Hervey Bay’s internationally renowned life, business and leadership coach Alicia Wade.

Alicia was recognised as the international life coach of the year by the International Coaching Guild towards the end of 2020.

The accomplishment is something Alicia said was a process of overcoming her own personal turmoil, taking purposeful steps to make her journey a successful one and experiencing the excitement of helping people create their own change for the better.

“It doesn’t matter what turmoil you have gone through; you can always turn things around and make a success of yourself,” she said.

Alicia, who has lived in Hervey Bay for the past six years, says she is in love with the town.

“It’s such an amazing place and you will realise that it doesn’t matter where you live if you want to be
successful. As long as you live life, have fun and are passionate; you can achieve greatness,” she said.

Speaking to Alicia over the phone was motivating enough in itself.

She told me Hervey Bay was full of adventure and that if you open your eyes and really look around you, you will see opportunities everywhere.

And it’s that kind of enthusiasm and excitement that has won Alicia her life coaching accolades, but
also the respect and admiration of others in her industry.

Being named international life coach of the year for 2020 was a rigorous process.

After being nominated by her peers, Alicia had to explain her approach to life coaching and
share some of the success stories.

But for Alicia, knowing that she helped turn somebody’s life around is what’s really important.
Facilitating change and empowering people to better themselves was a strong message
during our discussion.

For someone who has won international awards, written a best-selling biography on Amazon
and helped industry leaders take the next big step, you would think setting goals and ticking boxes
would be her way of measuring success.

“I have moved away from setting goals for myself and rather focus on themes,” she said.

Alicia believes applying themes helps people fully embrace the process of changing and improving
their lives.

Her focus this year is leadership and spirituality.

2020 was a difficult year. It was one which saw businesses shut down, people lose their jobs and
become isolated from their friends and loved ones.

While all very difficult challenges to overcome, Alicia said people showed their resolve and thought
outside of the box to innovate new ways to interact with each other and move forward.

“While being isolated for large parts of last year, people also became the most connected they
have ever been.”

She said people found new ways to embrace technology and forge stronger relationships with those
they weren’t able to see in person.

“Anything is possible when you apply your mind to something.”

You can reach out to Alicia on Facebook – Keeping it real AAW.