Tameika Grist – St Mary’s College Maryborough

Written by Chelsea McPherson

St Mary’s College has a rich history in Maryborough, providing exceptional education for 133 years as it was first established as the Christian Brothers School which joined the Sisters of Mercy and was renamed in 1979.

Speaking to Acting Principal Tameika Grist, I had the opportunity to learn a little about the College and what they offer to their students.

Tameika has only just started with the College, but she is looking forward to being a part of the team of educators already established.

“I am extremely excited and humbled to be leading the community of learners at St Mary’s College this year. I know they will teach me a lot,” Tameika said.

Tameika is passionate about working with the teachers and leaders at St Mary’s to create a
positive environment for the students and staff, and one that promotes further growth and excellence in education.

“St Mary’s College is a faith community, with a focus on service, courage, and justice.

“Our desire is to support the development of the whole student: their head, heart, spirit and body.
“We want to help them to develop the virtues of service, courage and justice to graduate as confident, compassionate young men and women.”

St Mary’s prides itself on what it can offer its students moving forward.

The Excellence Program, for example, for Year 7-9 students acknowledges that some students need
differentiation to cater for their high achievement and giftedness in the curriculum.

Likewise, St Mary’s has excellent programs to support learners needing assistance with their
learning in the classroom.

The dedicated Seniors Pathway Centre offers Senior students access to information and guidance
around different programs and courses. Close partnerships with a variety of Universities, TAFE and other external providers, help give access to a wide range of possible futures for the students at St
Mary’s College.

St Mary’s College 2020 graduates had excellent results in the first year of ATAR in Queensland, with
47% of ATAR eligible students achieving a score of 87 and over.

When asked about the excellent results for St Mary’s College, Tameika said it was a wonderful outcome.

“Any school that is consistently achieving high academic outcomes from its students, will have
excellent teachers behind that success.”

Tameika said that students are also key in that success, their enthusiasm for having a go, and
learning new things will also be a part of what drives their successful results.

“Where students have a sense of belonging, fun together, great resources and skilled teachers, you
have the foundations for great outcomes.”

Apart from the subject side of school life, there are plenty of extracurricular activities for students to be a part of, such as in the Arts, Sports or their Human Powered Vehicle Super Series, in which St Mary’s students excel.

If you want to experience what St Mary’s can offer your children, they will be able to experience it all
in their upcoming Open Day, February 12, 2021 and Taster Day, February 24, 2021.

Call the College office and ask to speak to Leisa to find out more about Open Day and Taster Day on
4190 2200, and check their website smcm.qld.edu.au to find out more about the school and what it has to offer.