Sam Maddison

  1. Have you always been musical?
    Most definitely – since I was young I have been around music and enjoyed singing.
  2. What/who are your musical influences?
    I grew up listening to what my parents played, so I love older bands such as the Beatles, ABBA and the Eagles. I really get drawn to great songs, so it doesn’t matter who plays them.
    I love it when a popular song is broken down and played acoustically, or with a change of progression in the chords. I’m not dedicated to one genre of music -I really do love them all.
  3. What/who are you listening to right now?
    Currently I am loving Tenille Towns (USA), Tori Forsyth (AUS) and my son Nami his single is called ‘Whereever U Are’
  4. Favourite line from a song?
    Oh what a tricky question! There are so many and I’m not sure I can pick just one.
    The first one that pops into my head would have to be from ‘Flame Tree’s ‘ by ‘Cold Chisel’ ‘Kids are driving, Saturday afternoon just passed me by; I’m just savouring familiar sights’
    What a great start to a song! You immediately get an image in your head and for me, just memories of great times.
  5. Do you still practise regularly?
    I feel like every time I play whether at home, or at a gig/event, it’s practice! And yes, I do this alot!
  6. Which instruments do you play?
    My main instrument is guitar. I can also play ukulele, trumpet and french horn. I’m an less than average drummer which I do enjoy, but I’m terrible at! I’m a whizz at recorder
  7. Are there any others you’d like to learn?
    Definitely would love to learn piano!
  8. What gig past, future or present would you like to have been to/go to?
    Oh I would have loved to have been at the Live Aid Concert in 1985! Right up the front – It would have been an incredible experience.
  9. If you could play any gig or venue, where would you play?
    I would love to play at the Golden Guitars in Tamworth one day. I think that would be right up the top of my bucketlist.