Written by Sotik Sahna

Meet Helen. A beautiful lady living and working here on the Fraser Coast. Helen came into Katies at Stockland Shopping Centre Hervey Bay wearing a blue palette patterned kaftan and was ready to try two different looks.

A few tips to identify when you’re ready to re-evaluate your personal style.

  • You’re frustrated with how your clothes make you feel
  • You’re confused on what actually suits you, or maybe a little curious
  • You’re willing to communicate openly, ask for help and learn more
  • You’re ready to confess your default decisions – your go to’s
  • You’re open to trying something new
  • You’re committed to do what it takes for positive change. A few tricks to experiment with at home.
  • Lift up the different colours/patterns you have in your wardrobe to your face/skin in the mirror. Take note of the colours that really make you pop, look pale, dull, warm or cool – you’ll be surprised
  • Organise your wardrobe into colour sections (you’ll discover what you’re drawn to the most and investing in the same coat hangers make a killer difference
  • Experiment with your wardrobe and challenge yourself on how many multiple outfits you can make from the one blazer or top or pants or shoes

Building your wardrobe from a palette that compliments your skin tone, hair colour and eyes can make a massive difference; remembering that versatility with each piece multiplies the value of your wardrobe overall – win, win right!

Besides trying new colour/pattern combinations with Helen, we spoke a lot about our centre body line. EVERYBODY has one no matter what body shape you have and choosing pieces, accessories, even your hair style can either elongate your body/personal style and look or work against you without you realising.

You can discover more on my socials: Instagram @sotiksahna and keep watch next month to learn more tips and tricks on perfecting your personal style x