Written by Tammy Wakely

In my industry I see the lengths people go to for love. To attract love, to show love, and to prepare for the start of a life together in marriage.

While we work hard to give our clients the look they are wanting to achieve for their big ‘love’ events, there are characteristics I observe in a person who is truly in love with themselves and those around them. These are the characteristics, in my opinion, that make a person beautiful.

A Sense of Happiness

Being around a happy person who wants nothing more than to make others happy too is always a joy. This joy, in any type of a relationship, from friendship to romance, keeps us coming back to that person and enjoying their company.

Happy to Make Sacrifices

To have love also means often making sacrifices to maintain it. That can be hard to manage at times, but when you truly love your friend, family or partner, seeing the big picture when making a sacrifice is important. Those happy to make sacrifices for their relationships demonstrate to those
around them how important their relationship is to them.

A Sense of Care

Having a sense of care for oneself is essential if we are to offer our best to those around us. Those who balance a busy lifestyle, with family and friends, and always take time out to care for themselves mentally and physically radiate an inner glow. It is a characteristic of someone who not
only understands themselves well, but also loves those around them so much that this effort is important to them.

Reciprocated Love

A person who is happy cares from themselves and is willing and content to make sacrifices in love often enjoys a reciprocated love. Their needs are being met innately and therefore live their best life.
Love, it isn’t easy to find, and often we stumble along the way, but the beauty found within a true love certainly can make us shine.