Written by David Everett

A bucket list is not something I have ever entertained. Not that there aren’t things that I want to do, but nothing that is a ‘must do before I die’ sort of affair.

There are so many amazing sights, activities, experiences and the like that would be incredible to be part of, but there is not that pull to fulfil a list. I understand a person’s desire to have a list and to undertake it before they pass over the rainbow bridge * but I don’t have it in me. I think it’s that I’m not a passionate person by nature. Loving: yes, curious; definitely, excitable; Oh hell yes!

Excitable probably doesn’t quite adequately describe my intermittent levels of enthusiasm. I honestly actually use the ‘Squeeee’ in real life. In fact, I have been known to bounce on the spot and clap my hands excitedly while exclaiming ‘Squeeee’ much to the amusement of friends and family. Possibly
to the consternation or confusion of people who aren’t friends or family, but that doesn’t particularly worry me.

A lot of the time this excitability is to do with something pop culture related; a trailer for a movie I’ve been looking forward to, finding the Tardis LEGO set I had been wanting for ages (and even on special even!). Watching one of my kids nail a skill in karate or gymnastics, or a pregnancy announcement are other excitable moments. Speaking of which, can I just mention that David is a
great name for a boy or girl if you were trying to decide on one.

So what would I like to do if the opportunity arises? Well maybe I do have a list.

• A wander around Cardiff (home of Torchwood),
• fly fishing in New Zealand,
• aimless & pointed strolling the streets of New York,
• undertaking a carpentry or electrical apprenticeship,
• going to Comic Con,
• craft brewery tasting tours,
• a tropical family holiday,
• learning to scuba dive,
• wander through a European old growth forest, and a many other things that don’t immediately spring to mind but I know I would really enjoy.

A bucket list isn’t for everyone and for a while it became a fad, rather than a genuine fulfilling of activities, but if you have one and are working towards achieving it, I’ll cheer every tick you achieve.
Also, happy new year.

*Yea, that’s a euphemism more akin to a pet dying but I thought I try it out here. I don’t like it but I’ve come this far and this keyboard doesn’t have a backspace key so I’ll leave that one in but I’ll skip on including any others.