Mapping her own success

Written by Shaun Ryan

Never turn down an opportunity because you just don’t know where a simple ‘yes’ will take you.

That is the message from Ayeisha Sheldon before jetting off to Geneva, Switzerland to join up with the United Nations Satellite Applications Programme, UNOSAT.

While the job specifications sound really technical and scientific, the 24-year-old former Urangan State High School student said she is simply living her best life.

Removing the scientific jargon, Ayeisha said she has a real passion for geospatial design, GIS web development, urban geography and drone technology.

“I really am working in my dream job,” she said.

Geospatial scientists analyse and model data on specific locations before using creative ways to map or represent the information so it is easier to understand.

“It is a very broad field and can be used in areas like town planning, disaster management, engineering and development,” Ayeisha explained.

Ayeisha has a particular interest in human and social development.

This means she is not only a highly skilled person – Ayeisha completed her Masters Degree in Geospatial Science this year – but is also having a positive impact on other people’s lives.

“Before getting a job in Geneva I had already worked for the UN but I needed to say ‘yes’ to open those doors,” she said.

Ayeisha left Hervey Bay soon after graduating high school and started her education and professional development.

“I hadn’t really come back to Hervey Bay long-term until now, but being away makes you appreciate everything you grew up with so much more.”

“The prospect of going away again was difficult, leaving family and friends, but my mum reminded me that everything will be here when I come back one day.”

A positive person who is always open to new challenges and adventures, Ayeisha said she would never have gotten to where she today is if she did not follow her dreams and accept the opportunities that came her way.

“Always say yes and be willing to learn, that’s how I ticked off my major bucket list entry.”

Ayeisha is also a self-taught graphic designer and photographer.

She said her design skills allowed to her to explore her creative side and help her parents’ company, Fraser Dingo 4WD Adventures as a media and marketing manager.

“It’s important for me to be involved in the business and it’s something I can do together with them without having to be in the office.”

If you want to learn more about geospatial science, you can reach out to Ayeisha via her website: