Written by Steven Barnard

WOW, what a year!

With 2020 gone and 2021 at our doorstep, what shall we plan? What shall we do? Perhaps our outdoor adventure bucket list.

I hope you all enjoyed this festive season spending time with loved ones and even spending some time outdoors in the fresh air.

We may appreciate life and what it means to us more, especially after a crazy I hope we all have a bucket list which we can accomplish and not just wish.

Start by writing a bucket list of what you haven’t yet done, but always wanted to.

Perhaps getting outdoors as a start or learning something new, anything as long as your writing something down it will influence you more to get it done before you kick the bucket.

One location we would love to visit would be Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, with its amazing heritage culture and breathtaking scenery.

While we are in the NT, I would love to do a little spot of fishing for popular barramundi.

When that’s done and dusted, next on my list will be something even bigger and that is exploring more of Australia, and what better way to do it with a caravan.

Tasmania? Once we have covered the NT we plan to travel to Tasmania and yes with a caravan, as you have a huge range of lactations to stop on the way including free overnight stops.

Tasmania has some of the most spectacular mountains with plenty of snow for the kids to play in, if it’s the right season.

I look forward to seeing the mirror-like lakes and I’m sure we will sneak in a few trout fishing stops on the way.

We will travel along the coast with its amazing coastal scenery and absorb what nature has to offer.
Overall, I just want to explore new locations around the world and find out all their untold stories.

How about Alaska where you can hike 17 of the highest peaks. Fishing for salmon would also be great, as there are more than 3000 rivers to explore, and let’s not forget about putting seeing the northern lights on the itinerary.

I believe they are breath taking.

The list may continue but I’m sure you can see we love the outdoors.

Bringing this to an end, I hope I have given you some inspiration to sit down, relax and write your own personal bucket list with some outdoor adventures included.