Fill your soul with inspiration

Writtened by Alison Dunlop

Cheers and Happy New Year to you all!

With the buzz of a brand new year comes New Year’s resolutions, vision boards, and of course bucket lists.

A bucket list is a personal journey between you and your aspirations.

So are bucket lists useful? Yes, they are. They help to motivate us, to achieve what we really want out of life.

When I think about other people’s bucket lists, my mind conjures up visions of exhilaration and excitement whilst climbing tall mountains, sky diving, and of course bungee jumping.

Just thinking about this is slightly terrifying!

So whilst physically gruelling bucket lists aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I’d like to offer you an alternative.

A bucket list that fulfills your soul.

This sort of bucket list is awesome because it makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

So what sort of things could be in a soul fulfilling bucket list?

Here are some examples:

Meditate more, focus on gratitude, learn to stand up for self, spend more time on self-care, trying to be more positive, ground more and spend more time in nature, read inspiring books, journal, declutter, and of course try a Kinesiology session.

So how do you start?

Firstly, find somewhere quiet with no distractions, or make it a fun experience with a group of friends. Working on your lists together can be inspiring.

Grab some paper, your phone or laptop.

Start by focusing and naming your bucket list. Examples can include, my life balance list, my dream list, things to conquer list, my aspiration list.

Write down your ideas. Brainstorm them if you wish.

Once you have a few ideas, sort them in to categories like short term (spending more time in nature), long term (writing a book).

Another tip is to make your bucket list real. Make sure you can achieve your goals on your list. If you can’t, or need help, do not hesitate to book a kinesiologist session.

My contact details are below. I can guide you through the process.

I’m off now to spend more time on self-care!

Guidance Card: Clary Sage

Trust in your self and your skills.Know you are more powerful than you think, so trust your intuition.