Majestic Getaway at our doorstep

Written by Steven Barnard

G’day, and wow! The festive season is here already and now is the best time to spend with your family, and what better time to do it outdoors.

In last month’s column I wrote about that fact that what I love most in life is my family and the joy of outdoor adventures.

With the festive season here, I’d like to share a trip that was a wonderful highlight for our family.

There is so many amazing destinations and adventures found close to the Fraser Coast but none more so than Fraser Island (K’gari)!

So here’s our story about visiting the largest sand island in the world.

We set off to Fraser Island by barge on sunrise and before noon we had our camp all setup and ready to explore what the island had to offer.

Here’s a tip:

Set tasks and games for the kids. It really kept us occupied without the thought of looking at phones and tablets.

Tasks can be meal prep, making beds, table setting, doing dishes and so on.

Games came easy with two young children. Choosing where to explore each day was also a fun family decision.

Tip number two is making sure you have a capable four-wheel drive if you want to explore the island.

Holy sand dunes! Off we hiked to Lake Wobby and from the beach it’s a lovely hike. It’s about 4.6km return, but be prepared as we carried our little ones half the trip so plenty of water is an essential.

After half a day swimming and sliding down the dunes (and eating sand) we made our way back down to the eastern beach to enjoy some ice cold homemade mango ice cream as our treat!
It made the long hike back for the kids worth their while.

Tip number 3: Take a 12v fridge setup! Trust me, it makes life easier, especially after using an esky and ice for years. Having to top-up the ice every few days can be painful.

You will thank yourself later as you can pull up almost anywhere and have cold drink or fresh food handy without the children complaining of soggy food.

From beginning to end, we soaked up the beauty of what Fraser Island had to offer, stopping multiple
times along the beaches to fish the gutters (holes) as my partner and I can’t drive past a good fishing spot and not put a line in and show the kids what this land has to offer!

My favourite day trips were to the stunningly blue Lake McKenzie where you can snorkel and play water sports (bring a Frisbee or ball).

Stopping at the iconic Maheno shipwreck for a quick snap with the family should also be on the bucket list.

Champagne pools is also a top spot for a snorkel and a splash.

The families favourite part of the holiday would have to be our two trips to Eli creek!

With the continuous flow of cool fresh water down to the ocean, you can take a floatie of your choice (I have seen some wild ones), and walk up the beautiful pathway surrounded by tropical bush to float back down the creek, weaving through trees back to the beach to your car.

Installing an awning onto one side of your vehicle will come in handy for day trips to these gorgeous hotspots on the beach. Take your time to enjoy the little things in life my friends.

Here’s a few things to consider when visiting Fraser Island:

  • Make sure you vehicle is capable of travelling to desired destinations.
  • Get your vehicle serviced before your adventure because there’s nothing worse than breaking down in remote destinations.
  • Study the tide times so you know when you can drive on the beach safely.
  • If you’re not keen on bugs or mozzies, then take lots of repellent.
  • Bring enough food, especially if you have growing children continuously eating!
  • Make sure you have the correct camping gear, for short or long periods of stay in comfort
  • Take a separate camera to remember the amazing adventures! (Try to put your phone away during family time)

Stay safe and have an amazing festive season with your family and hopefully a festive outdoor adventure!