Kate Manley from Luxe Hervey Bay

Written by Chelsea McPherson

Shopping at Luxe Hervey Bay is a peaceful, almost serene affair.

That is exactly how Kate Manley, Luxe’s owner and founder, intended for it to be when she opened the shop.

Kate started off in the industry in Adelaide as the proprietor of a bridal shop, designing all the bridal dresses and accessories.

After meeting her husband, Ashleigh Manley, she converted the end of the bridal shop into an art gallery but gave it all up when they initially moved to Queensland.

Upon coming to Hervey Bay seven years ago, however, it all came back.

Originally, they were not intending on staying here, and planned to go further north, but the beauty of the region drew them in.

“Being here in Hervey Bay, it’s enabled us to have a little space where we can both still work, and we sort of still enjoy working even at our age,” Kate said.

The inspiration for the clothing sold at Luxe comes from Kate’s love of cotton, linen, and the many other natural fibres that can make fabric, as well as her love of the natural colours of these fibres.

Kate sources many pieces from Italy, and while she hasn’t been able to travel recently, a good friend of hers has been able to source products, providing Hervey Bay with the quality and luxury Luxe offers.

“It’s been a real blessing that we’ve been able to keep going.”

Luxe isn’t just a clothing store, however.

Ashleigh’s art gallery is attached to the building, something that gives the story a touch of serendipity and makes it unique among the Esplanade.

Luxe Hervey Bay stands for quality, and it is a place where you can feel relaxed and enjoy the artwork and the gorgeous clothing on offer.

Pop on down and say hello to Kate and Ashleigh and just enjoy the serene atmosphere of Hervey Bay.

So, for exclusive clothing and luxury accessories, be sure to visit Luxe at 572 Esplanade, Urangan. Phone 0412 814 141.