It’s all about the family sparkle: Why Christmas is my jam…

Written by Kevin

If there is one thing that I can’t control my excitement over, it is shiny things:

  • Twinkling lights
  • The reflection of someone’s watch on a wall
  • The interplay between an interesting shadow providing funny shapes of light
  • The reflection of the shiny cutlery on the roof whenever the dishwasher is being packed or unpacked…

Even just thinking about it right now I can’t contain myself. I… just… have… to… let out a few high-pitched yaps. Ahhh…

Excuse me while I compose myself. Ahem

As you can imagine, Christmas brings with it a whole lot of extra shiny things putting me in an extra festive mood. There’s obviously all the sparkly lights that people put up in the lead up to Christmas which is absolutely dazzling to come across on an evening walk. As excited as I am about all the lights, I’m still sometimes a bit unsure what to make of it all and can get a bit overwhelmed
so we don’t stay too long.

The best bit about all the Christmas festivities is all the visitors we have. It can get pretty crazy around our place at Christmas time as family and friends converge. We have the family matriarch, Latte, descend on us from Brisbane and we all have to remember to respect her personal boundaries – she’s a foxycross- Jack Russell and is quite the princess. We also have the crazy labradoodle
Kobe visit from Brisbane too, he’s still young and can be a bit of a boof-head but he and Bodhi get along like a house on fire and don’t stop playing – that can get hectic! Molly, is our local matriarch, despite her age she is far more easy going than Latte and sometimes she sometimes tries to get in on the crazy puppyplay which can get confusing for everyone. Then there’s us more sensible
working dogs, me and my two best mates, Ally (my doppelgänger) and Jett, the retired working dog – he’s the most steady and mature of all of us but he has a bit of a thing for destroying my toys so I have to keep a watchful eye on him too. It really is a lot to keep a handle on!

Luckily I have my own hobbies and interests which can give me some time out from the crowd and with all the humans doing all the Christmas eating and drinking there’s a lot of dishwasher activity to keep me entertained in the kitchen. It’s a bit like my own form of meditation really as I get so singlemindedly fixed on that reflection on the ceiling above the dishwasher. It gives me time-out from all the hectic busyness and everyone else’s issues so that I can go back out into the Christmas fray with my usual Zen-like demeanour and enjoy the festivities again.

I hope you find your happy balance between all the festive excitement and finding moments for yourself this Christmas.

Your furriend,

PS. We get in the Christmas spirit by going and getting Santa photos taken each year with the Fraser Coast Pet Warriors – they do a pretty good job don’t you think?