City band looking to hit the high notes again in 2021

Written by Shaun Ryan

The Maryborough Excelsior City Band is gearing up for a massive 2021.

The band has felt the impact of Covid-19 this year and has not performed since Australia Day.

Treasurer and tenor horn player, Brett Davis said the end-of-year period would normally be one of their busiest of the year.

“It has been really difficult for us not to have performed for such a long time,” Mr Davis said.

Many supporters and music enthusiasts have been asking band members when they will begin playing again.

“We are planning a really big concert for around mid-year,” Mr Davis said.

He said rules around social distancing and other health regulations put the brakes on the band’s normal activities for 2020.

A regular feature at Queen’s Park in the Heritage City, the Maryborough Excelsior City Band is a group of talented musicians who would normally be putting smiles on the faces of locals in the build-up to Christmas.

Unfortunately, they have only been able to rehearse.

Despite all the negativity that has been dumped on communities across the world this year, band members have continued to come together and practice on a weekly basis.

A 107-year history and knowing people are waiting eagerly to watch them play again is all the motivation they need.

“We are really motivated to get out there and see people enjoying our performances again,” Mr Davis said.

Over the years the band has won numerous awards and accolades, meaning a great day out at the rotunda can be expected when the first public notes are played again.

In the meantime, the Maryborough Excelsior City Band is calling on people to support their fundraising initiative to help them stay afloat during the down-time.

“We haven’t been able to raise any funds since March,” Mr Davis said.

Insurance is the biggest expense incurred by the band and is due again in December 2020.

Mr Davis said a GoFundMe page has been set-up. The band is aiming to raise $7,500. As of early November, $1,580 had already been donated.

People wanting to find out more about the band and how to support their fundraising initiatives can click through to

Mr Davis said regular updates on the band’s activities are also posted to the group’s Facebook page: Maryborough Excelsior City Band.

“All important information and confirmation dates of concerts, when we’re allowed to play again, will be posted there,” he said.