Written by Steven Barnard

G’day! Who doesn’t love some outdoor adventures?

Well, we all often get caught up in life with work often followed by stress, bills and so on, we put
what we love on the backburner. Here is my story about my passion for outdoor adventures.
I have found life goes by too fast and before we realise, it’s nearly over and which in my case it
nearly was. Going back in time where it all began, I was introduced to a thing called fishing at the age of five.

Oh boy, did I love that! As each year went past I couldn’t get enough. My interests of the outdoors
only expanded day by day and year by year from the early start of scouts to fishing, hiking, camping
and yes even the joys of caravans … anything outdoors.

This all came to a sudden stop! At the age of 23 I was flown to hospital after having an aneurysm on
the brain. Yeah, crazy right? An aneurysm! Anyway after some time in hospital I made it out mostly in
one piece back home on the lovely Fraser Coast.

Nearly back on my feet with the help of my loved ones, I soon realised life is too short.

Knowing I had to relearn a lot of things, I was annoyed yet ambitious. I needed to be mentally

I appreciate and enjoy each day I have, which I try and explain to others to enjoy and love life. Don’t
go crazy and party like there is no tomorrow, just love what you have and what the outdoors has to

With the appreciation for life, I began to to love the outdoors even more and enjoying each minute of it on the good, and bad days.

With that being told, you now know my life, love and passion for the outdoors with many stories
to follow. I hope you enjoy and hopefully gain the strength to enjoy the outdoors as much as myself.
Next months edition, with the festive season coming up, I’ll have some family outdoor adventure
trips and stories to share, and hopefully ideas which might get you on the move for some outdoor