Written by Jasen Barrie

Daily life as we know it has certainly been challenged on so many levels with the invasive introduction of Covid-19. The simplicity of merely getting out of bed and getting on with our day seems a distant memory and one that we long to embrace once more.

So, the priority of maintaining our daily addiction be it an espresso or a large caramel latte I feel has taken on such an important role that we can sometimes overlook the other really critical aspect of our daily indulge… The by product. Coffee waste!

Every day more than 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed across the globe.

Most of the coffee grounds used to make those cups are thrown away, with six million tonnes sent to landfill!

So, what can you use those gritty little grinds for? We can all play a part be it big or small so here are some innovative ways in which the daily grind is playing a positive role.

Bio Fuels. natural oils in coffee grounds can be extracted to be used as biofuel. Coffee Logs. instead of burning traditional wood to keep warm, why not throw a coffee log on the fire? UK company bio-bean collects coffee grounds from businesses, universities and train stations across the country. At its coffee recycling factory in Cambridgeshire, it processes thousands of tonnes of coffee waste into coffee logs so instead of using firewood.

Fertilizer or Compost. Probably the best-known method of recycling coffee grounds is to use it as a fertilizer. You can utilise it straight from the machine into your garden. You can mix it with other organic matter, it’s possibilities
are endless.
Health and Beauty and beyond. Body scrubs, soaps, it can even be found in shampoo! They can make paper out of it, they can make clothing out of it.

Coffee candles if you really desire the aroma of your favourite bean at night time? You can use it to deter pets from digging or snails from sliding.

That amazing little commodity cannot only Start Your Day The Right Way. It can Save your day if used the right way!