Written by Denis Trotman

The versatility and strength of concrete is one not to pass by due to its perceived

Using the Cast In Place Forms from Concrete Counter Tops Australia, pouring a
concrete table, bench or bar top is made so much easier.

Utilizing formply as a base to the size of your top, screw on the edging forms,
silicon all joins and cut reinforcement mesh to sit inside.

Depending on the size of the job use a bucket or mixer to mix straight concrete and
water together. I used 55MPa Super Strength Concrete for this job.

A good tip is to spray oil to the inside of the forms before you lay the concrete, as
after a few days when removing the snap off edges will result in a better finish.

The benefit of cast in place as opposed to traditional techniques is that you can
finish the top surface how you want it to look and finish.

Remove edges and apply surface sealer to protect top.

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