Written by Chelsea McPherson

GOING to see the doctor about “ladies’ stuff” is often embarrassing for even the most confident women.

Healthcare should certainly be a key component of all our lives, but many women simply put their issues on the back burner in a bid to side-step that awkward conversation with the doctor, particularly if they are male.

Dr Flor Alba Soto Rodriguez from Fraser Shores Medical Centre is helping to combat these issues by specialising in women’s health.

As one woman to another, Dr Flor is all about helping ladies get better at looking after themselves by getting help for even the most basic issues.

“I find that women naturally come to women doctors for their female issues,” she said.

“Some of the issues of women’s health like menopause, mental health issues relating to menstrual cycles, could be treated a little more effectively.”

From the start of puberty to adult hood, all female patients can feel comfortable asking questions and knowing that even the most minor of issue will be taken seriously by Dr Flor and her colleagues Dr Leila and Dr Sonia.

The surgery is an advocate for pap smears, which contributes to Australia’s low cervical cancer mortality rate. Dr Flor said although it can be uncomfortable at the time, a pap smear can save your life and should not be avoided.

They also specialise in other women’s health issues including pregnancy, contraception, menopause, and menstruation, UTIs, breast cancer and cervical cancer.

All the doctors say there is not much that will surprise them, so please don’t hesitate to put your health first and seek advice when you need it. It could just save your life!