Why Camping is good for your health and soul

Written by Bec Dudley

I have grown up camping by rivers, creeks and oceans and I have also had the privilege to travel overseas. Seeking adventure and seeing new places has always been a high priority for me, but in all honesty my most enjoyable holidays, where I have felt the most relaxed and my batteries recharged are always those simple holidays of camping by the river, creek or ocean. A short three-day adventure is all you need.

When we go camping, we enjoy natural light and physical activity during the day. At night, we relax as the campfire fades and natural darkness envelopes us. It is also one of the most effective ways of restoring our mental health.

Our biological clocks are set in part by exposure to light, but our modern living environments can throw them out of whack, because we can expose ourselves to light outside of the natural sunrise-to-sunset cycle.

Melatonin which is sometimes called the sleep hormone, rises and falls throughout the day. And those levels can change in response to light.

Research has now shown that getting away from modern lighting environment can help to sync up our biological clocks with the natural rhythms of day and night and increase melatonin levels naturally.

Interestingly, camping can also help build relationships. When you go camping with friends and family, everyone is relaxed and you get a chance to talk without distraction, even late into the night around the fire.

Finally, research has also shown that camping outdoors can improve your digestion, blood pressure and give your immune system an extra boost. After spending a few days outside you get the health benefits from the extra oxygen and low levels of pollutants nature can provide.

I may be a little biased, but I think we live in one of the best parts of the world to go camping. On the Fraser Coast we have access to dams, rivers, creeks and the ocean. If you are feeling a little stressed, having trouble sleeping at night, looking to reconnect with family or friends, why not plan a long weekend of camping!

Till next month!