Written by Geoffrey Bouvier

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and lo and behold it looks as though Spring is finally here.

There’s nothing better than enjoying this incredible change in season with people we love, beautiful weather, a refreshing drink (or a sneaky few) and some snacky snacks.

Here are my tips for the perfect picnic.

First of all, let’s talk about what is most important, and that is making sure we are organised for a great day in the sun. It’s time to create a list of all of the items needed for the perfect spring season picnic.

So, let’s go: A giant comfortable picnic blanket, something roomy and easy to use as your picnic basket, then let’s fill it with the basics.

Start with the cutlery we will need today – I recommend you use your silverware instead of disposable as it will feel more special, substantial and it is better for the environment.

Then carefully pack some glassware. You can wrap these in paper towel to make transportation easier.

Please do yourself the biggest favour and enjoy drinks out of real glasses, not plastic ones. Grab your favourite bottle opener (very important), and some plates (paper is okay here out of convenience) and finally, some napkins.

I always enjoy listening to music while sharing good memories with friends or loved ones, or even just by myself, so don’t forget your wireless speaker.

Just don’t be “that person” and respect that the area is also there to be enjoyed by others. And the most important of all… make your life easier and simply take a wellstocked Esky to make sure all your beers, white wine or rose are fresh, cold and sexy.

Now onto the food, we cannot have a picnic without food. Everybody has different tastes and enjoys a variety of delectable treats in their life.

When I organise the perfect picnic, I like to put together a lot of different tapas style dishes, something very easy to nibble on without having to use cutlery for absolutely everything.

What I prepare ranges from nice cheese selections which I always pre-cut, dips in small containers with lids for easy storage, a hearty serving of prosciutto and quite a lot of fresh vegetables chopped up into easy serving sizes.

That all said, I would have to say my all-time favourite would be fresh prawns! Wow, pair your fresh prawns with locally baked sourdough and some creamy butter (so French huh?) then it gets even better with a nice oaky Chardonnay.

I am salivating just at the thought. When we prepare for our picnic, we need to make sure we take a moment to think about protecting our beautiful planet.

So ensure you take a bin bag with you as this is essential to make sure we are not leaving anything behind us and we can leave your beautiful picnic piece of paradise just as you found it when you arrived. It’s the perfect time of year to take your meals, your friends or family and go into the great outdoors.

So, go on, pack a basket and head out for a day of fresh air. You’ll feel all the better for it and your mind, body and soul will thank you.