Jungle Fever

Written by Carly McClintock

The 21st century has become a time now where many of us make the sacrifice of space – smaller properties and apartments, to be closer to the heart of our cities.

Creating a home space where we can bring the outdoors in has really become a necessity for many of us who are seeking to bring in a glimpse of our childhood backyards and memories into these smaller living arrangements.

Sad empty corners, sunny windowsills, courtyards and balconies are now brought back to life maximizing these spaces with the abundance of nature.

‘’When life gives you plants, make a jungle’’

Greenery has become a main emphasis when we plan and style our homes, we love the drama and depth it brings to a space with their intricate foliage and fascinating flowers, their spidery stems and aromatic perfumes is what really captures and makes us all plant lovers….in time.

Because as we all know these botany beauties work on their own terms, always keeping us guessing as we slowly gain knowledge and responsibility of successfully nurturing a plant.

Certain plants have been known to remove harmful toxins from your home and purify the air.

They also teach us patience and appreciation. These powerful plants will not only look aesthetically pleasing, they will give you power if you choose to take it.

Creating your jungle at home

• Low maintenance plants that do not require a lot of water such as succulents work well in busy homes. These also look fabulous in terrariums, placed as a table centerpiece.

• Peace lilies, snake plant, spider plant, Boston fern, areca palm are all among many other plants that are air purifying and favorable in living areas.

• Rubber and fiddle plants are still very popular in today’s interiors. These expressive guys give height and drama to any space and are very durable. They also look fabulous on verandahs and decks.

• String of pearls, Pothos, English Ivy, Fish hook and the Chinese money plant are perfect for hanging up in that planter or basket in smaller spaces and bathrooms.